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  • A. Please understand that it may take about 10 minutes depending on the situation of the respective bank's electronic system when you charge CASH using a dedicated virtual account

  • A. Check your account (make sure it is under your name) and make a withdrawal request at 'My Wallet > Withdrawal.' After applying, the withdrawal will be processed after 3 P.M of the next business day.

  • A. In the case where you have won the auction (bids with highest price wins, first-come / first-served basis if the bid price is same), we will send you a notification message via SMS or e-mail to inform you about the payment.

    If you charge the CASH within the informed deadline (10 A.M of the day after the closing date of the auction), Musicow will confirm the payment and complete the payment in the payment deadline.

    The payment will be processed in 10 A.M of the day after the closing date of the auction.

    If you fail to charge the sufficient amount of CASH in your account ('My Wallet) before the payment deadline, your bid will be canceled and you will receive a penalty that will limit your use of Musicow and the services provided by Musicow (First time - 3 Days, Second time - 2 Weeks, Third time - Permanent Ban)

    You can see the details of the songs you own at 'My Copyrights,' and the copyright that you have purchased can be freely sold in the User Market.

  • A. After receiving royalty settlement from the Copyright Association, Musicow will calculate and send the copyright royalty every month (on the first business day) to your 'My Wallet' according to the amount of 'shares' and 'days' you have owned the copyright.

  • A. You can check the details of your copyright royalties at 'Homepage > My Wallet > Tax Information > See 'Other Income'