You're So Fly

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“You're so fly, your softly smiling face”
BTOB's serenade for their fans!
They share and deliver their thoughts on the fans through music!

BTOB's World-Shaking-Music, ‘You're So Fly', hit the Top rank of Music&Record Chart showing their potential as an entertainer and an artist. This song's Poppin-charming lyrics about 'a boy who fell in love with a girl on sight' made female listeners' heart race. The song is so meaningful as a sing-along song and for its message to their fans which touches the heart of all fans.

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Auction Result (1st) 2019-08-07 ~ 2019-08-13

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18,500 cash
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1,084 KRW
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Date of release
Composed by
Tenzo and Tasco 1, Tenzo and Tasco 2
Lyrics by
Lee Min-Hyuk, Jung Ilhoon, Tenzo and Tasco 1, Tenzo and Tasco 2
Arranged by
Tenzo and Tasco 1, Tenzo and Tasco 2
Protection period
70 years after the death of the original artist
Royalty (last 12 months, per share)
1,084 KRW
Copyright Trust
KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association)
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