“World's first copyright sharing platform”

Respect Creators, Satisfy Fans/Investors,
Win-Win Together in Musicow.

‘together’ we make positive 'value’

  • Musicow is with artists, music lovers, and investors
  • Maximizing the value of music.
  • Through auction

    own the music you love

    and receive copyright fees of certain songs!

  • Through auction, 50% of the risen price

    will be delivered to the artist and

    will be supporting the artist.

Musicow satisfies all the supporters/ investors

  • It is hard to make money through putting money in your savings due to low interest rate
  • And investments are risky as they are economy- sensitive.
  • Musicow, the leader of IP finance ensures a stable but potential revenue rate
  • and suggests an evolutionary alternative.
  • stable

    revenue rate

  • Out of all the national assets,

    highest revenue rate

  • constant revenue occurrence

    protected for 70 years after the death of the creator

  • the potential of a song remake, or new light

    that may result in more copyright fees


the revenue rates of the members of Musicow (before tax)

  • Copyrights are protected for 70 years after the creator's death according to the copyrights law.

Predictable and monetizable

‘transparent investment’

  • Aside from a stable and long run revenue streams after the purchase of shares,
  • more revenue could be made through selling and buying the possessed shares through user tranactions.
  • MusiCow > Accumulated income in my wallet is

    Can be withdrawed as cash through 'withdrawal'.
  • The copyrights can be sold in user transactions.

    (2018, entire copyright turnover ratio of 65%)